The shutter is able not only to maintain, but also improve the insulation of the window.

The RolaPlus louver system is the only one recommended by KÖMMERLING as it is able to maintain and even reinforce the insulation levels of the enclosure.

RolaPlus Blinds Systems

The shutter is able not only to maintain, but also improve the insulation of the window.

The shutter is the weakest point of any enclosure. A bad shutter box allows air, noise and cold to enter, ruining the insulation of any window. The RolaPlus shutter system is the only one recommended by KÖMMERLING as it is able to maintain and even reinforce the insulation levels of the enclosure.

Always confirm with your KÖMMERLING Network installer that the blind installed with your windows is RolaPlus.

Technical Services

KÖMMERLING has designed the new RolaPlus box which, thanks to its technology, improves the insulation of your window.

Thermal insulation
The RolaPlus box, depending on its configuration, achieves thermal transmittance values ranging from 1.39 to 0.6 W/m2K. With this U-value, the shutter reinforces the insulation of any window, guaranteeing the insulation levels of windows with KÖMMERLING systems.
Acoustic insulation
Depending on the enclosure, RolaPlus achieves acoustic reduction values of up to 50 dB. This is possible thanks to the airtightness of the system, which does not allow airborne sound waves to leak through.
Impact resistance

Shutters with the RolaPlus system achieve the CLASS C5 classification for load resistance, the highest classification granted by the standard. This is thanks to the stability conferred by the solid construction of the capialzado.

Air permeability
RolaPlus achieves an Air Permeability rating of CLASS 4. This is the highest rating according to the standard, given to the most airtight capialzado systems. RolaPlus does not allow air leakage. Air leaks are a major problem, very common among the mediocre quality caissons that are installed in Spain in most homes.
Like all KÖMMERLING profiles, RolaPlus is manufactured with Greenline PVC. Greenline is an exclusive KÖMMERLING production formula that eliminates heavy metals by including environmentally friendly stabilizers.

Characteristics and quality of PVC

Insulation, resistance and permeability.

Thermal Insulation Window

With a Uw value of 1.5 W/m2K, energy consumption is optimized and heating demand can be reduced by up to 40% and air conditioning demand by up to 32%. With this level of transmittance, the window is always kept at a pleasant temperature to the touch and the risk of condensation is minimized.

pvc thermal insulation

Thermal Insulation Profile

The transmittance value of the profile Uf indicates the amount of energy lost through the profile. The lower the Uf value, the more insulation the profile provides.

Air permeability

Even if the thermal transmittance of a window is good, it will be useless if there are air infiltrations. That is why it is important to demand CLASS 4. Air is the main means of propagation of sound waves, so a door with air infiltrations will have a bad acoustic insulation. Also through the air, dust and contamination will enter the house.

Sound Insulation

Traditional aluminum windows only achieve an average of 24 dB. In areas with high noise levels, glazing with acoustic properties should be included and reductions above 40 dB should be required.


Preventing water and moisture from entering a home is one of the basic functions of the window. In heavy rains, poorly rated doors often have water ingress that can develop into moisture and mold problems.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistance measures the pressure that a closed door is able to withstand. It is classified according to EN 12210 in five classes. Good wind resistance means a window that is more stable and more secure against external shocks and aggressions.

Do you want to know more about the high quality of our products?

MOHS. Manufacturer of PVC windows in Spain and Portugal.


Insulation and energy efficiency.

The windows with MOHS systems represent the highest innovation on the market in terms of insulation and resistance.

pvc door profiles


Safety and elegance.

With the systems MOHS systems, we can manufacture from the most sophisticated sliding terrace doors to street doors that provide great security and insulation.

Blinds and Shutters

The blind capable of not only maintaining but improving window insulation. The RolaPlus blind system is the only one recommended by MOHS.

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